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The Best Live Performance Outfits of all Time - West Carolina

The Best Live Performance Outfits of all Time

From a poll on our Instagram our followers chose the best live performance outfits of all time. So in no particular order...

1. Beyonce, Grammy's 2017 

West Carolina Beyonce Grammys pregnant gold 2017 queen bey

Queen B stole the show at the 2017 Grammy's with her medley performance dressed as some kind of goddess. Beyonce debuted her baby bump in the most stylish way, having only revealed she was pregnant with twins a few weeks before. 


2. Miley, i heart radio festival 2019

West Carolina Miley Cyrus leather iheartradio 2019 black

Miley has a new persona for each era of her life and we are living for the black leather trousers era. The dark moody outfits are a stark contrast to her Bangers and Malibu eras, but it's working. And with a no.1 rock album out now, who are we to argue with the brain of Miley Cyrus.


3. Madonna, Blond Ambition Tour, 1990

West Carolina madonna fashion Gaultier blondambition 1990

Anyone who is Anyone has seen the Jean Paul Gaultier conical bra from the Blond Ambition Tour. This Outfit will no doubt go down in history as one of the most iconic performance outfits of all time. No Question.


4. Ariana Grande, Grammy's 2019

Ariana Grande West Carolina Fashion ThankUNext Pink Grammys 2019

The end of a chapter outfit. Ariana ended her Thank U, Next era with a medley performance of 3 songs from the hit album. At the end of her performance, she closed her engagement ring box and put it on the bed to signify closing that part of her life and moving on to better things.


5. Beyonce, On the Run II Tour, 2018

West Carolina fashion Beyonce ontherun Mugler leather bodysuit black

This custom Mugler outfit proves she is undeniably, the queen of the bodysuit. The 'crazy in love' singer wore the all black ensemble on her second tour with husband Jay-Z in 2018. 


6. Tina Turner, 1978

West Carolina Fashion Tina Turner Bob Mackie Flame Dress Proud Mary

Tina Turner wore Bob Mackie's signature flame dress, in concert in 1978. The dress, previously worn by Cher in a photoshoot, was intended to "sparkle like dynamite" and by the looks of the photo it did just that. The dress was later worn by none other than Beyonce in tribute to her icon in 2005.


7. Dolly Parton, Tennessee 2014

Dolly Parton West Carolina Fashion Orange Tennessee Silver Country

In classic Dolly style, the 'jolene' singer wore an orange rhinestone jumpsuit to a benefit supporting her charity. Dolly's Imagination Library. Dolly never disappoints with her outfits. And this is one of her most iconic.


8. Britney Spears, VMA's 2001

West Carolina Britney Spears Snake VMA 2001 Bikini Glitter SlavetoYou

The 19 year old singer went down in history, the night she performed 'slave for you' with a python draped over her shoulders. This pop culture moment will never be forgotten. I mean, who could forget a teenager in sparkly hot pants and bikini top singing with a 25 pound snake hanging from her? A true icon. 




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