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Accessories Inspiration for the Holiday Season - West Carolina

Accessories Inspiration for the Holiday Season


West Carolina_scrunchies_Fashion_Accessories_Holidays

 Your new life saver, make that overslept topknot fashionable again. Carrie Bradshaw says no-one should be caught dead in a scrunchie, but we disagree.

West Carolina Fashion Accessories Scrunchies Holidays


West Carolina Headbands Fashion Accessories

A headband is the closest thing to a crown that is socially acceptable. Whether you wear it with a low bun or hair down, channel your inner royalty this Christmas.
West Carolina Fashion Headbands Velvet Holidays

West Carolina Velvet Headband - £12


West Carolina Earrings Fashion Accessories Holidays

Bigger is better and better is bigger. Blow your friends away this Christmas with a bold earring.

Hair Clips

West Carolina Clips Fashion Holidays Accessories

Add a bit of glitter to your look with a hair clip. 8 year-old you was right, hair clips are cool. A hair clip is an easy way to add some excitement to your hair.

West Carolina fashion hairclips holidays accessories

West Carolina Embellished Bobby Pin - £5



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