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How to style your blazer - West Carolina

How to style your blazer

Blazers have become a fashion staple whether you like them baggy, elegant, or printed. The piece’s appeal is its versatility, perfect for both a day at the office or day out with friends. Fall is definitely the best time of the year to wear a blazer, layered on top of your outfit. Fall is around the corner and we would like to give you …. unique suggestions on how to style your blazer this autumn.
Wear a colorful blazer on top of a bold print
via : @luainebianco on Instagram style by: @katherinecleary
If a neutral blazer just isn’t for you can try a bright color one paired with your favorite print top. A sure combo that is going to make you stand out.
Style your blazer with your favorite baggy trousers
 via: @hijabindokece on Instagram
If you want to feel comfortable and also but look business, this is the style for you.
via: @_westcarolina on Instagram
Here is a shorts version.
Wear it on top of your favorite swimsuit
via: @ninasandbech on Instagram
An elegant young twist to your vacation.



via: @neclobrand on Instagram
If you are tired of your old grey blazer try wearing a print suit for extra happiness.
Layer gold jewelry
via: @sophiemilner_fs on Instagram
Who doesn't love some gold jewellery to elevate a look?
Layer it on top of your traditional gowns
via: @shreyashidebnathofficial on Instagram
Take Shreya example and embrace your origins but make business casual.
Don’t forget whatever you do to coordinate with your friends!

via: @oliaviaandalice on Instagram


Words by Camilla Sanni


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