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How to Style - Statement Earrings - West Carolina

How to Style - Statement Earrings

Words by Luaine Bianco
Every woman needs a pair of statement earrings to wear with a classic little black dress. And what better way to show your personality other than adding colour and dose of glamour? Whatever your reason is to become a part of this audacious trend, authentic and vibrant earrings will always become an addition to every woman’s jewellery box.

Tassel Earrings



Who said earrings cannot be extra?

A tassel earring is a piece of exotic jewellery with a strong presence and it has caused quite a fashion frenzy in both casual and festive wear. These items exude a fiercely bohemian vibe, and you can flaunt them in an eccentric myriad of both accessories and trends. They could be styled by adding a dose of charm with a sophisticated headband or 90’s aesthetic hair clips to harmonize your face.

Leopard Print

Be Exquisite

You will undoubtedly deserve a "front-row view" when you show up accessorising these brown statement earrings featuring leopard print hoops. These exquisite earrings are wrapped in acrylic material for statement appeal and will definitely add a wild twist to your look.


Create an Authentic. Classy. Vibrant look by adding the World of Leopard Hair Clips or the Red Velvet Headband.


Oval Drop Earrings

It is all in the details! 

When it comes to multi-coloured earrings. A unique acrylic collection has arrived to sweep your shoulders off with charm. If you are seeking to embrace a full-fledged statement, you can simply choose earrings that are well-defined, stylish and beautifully achieves an eye-catching look. 


With a Wonderful World of Colour hair clip set!

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