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The 90’s Hair Clip Revival - West Carolina

The 90’s Hair Clip Revival

Words by Elish Lynch
Yes! This trend is back and it is here to stay.
Hair clips and barrettes are back in and personally thank God! I wasn’t over this trend. Weren’t those better days?
 I am going to show you the new and best ways to wear hair clips, barrettes and slides. And then when self-isolation is over you are ready to brave the world again with a new take on your hair accessories.

Playful In Pink

Image Taken From Pinterest.

If you are self-isolating, still working or just face-timing your gals, you can still look glamorous and trendy in spite of this coronavirus pandemic and we at West Carolina are appreciating the small things, starting with hair accessories! 

Try Matching them With Your Earrings



The Wonderful World of Leopard, Hair Clips Set of 2 - £10

The Wonderful World of Colour, Hair Clips Set of 2 - £10

Who doesn’t love some matching vibes? It looks super cool and cute without it needing too much effort, especially with a planer outfit. Wear it to fasten your hairstyle in place or dress up a simple down-do. Throwing on a pair of earrings always pulls it together!


There’s A Crowd 



I see overcrowding of clips and slides trending in streetwear which means it isn't just the London underground that’s crowded, its accessories too.  Usually pulled off with a slick ponytail or bun, this is one way to wear the trend without giving a f**k! 

Chunky Pearl Hair Clip - £5

Remember,  the rule of three is a good way to start and you can add more once your clip collection and confidence grows.  Slipping them on either side of your head for a retro-inspired look that'll look adorable when clipped into your hair.

It will definitely get you some attention for all the right reasons.


For an edgier way to accessorise, do a makeup inspired look of your clips or try some rhinestones. This is more about having fun than following the rules and it's one way of being creative during these uninspiring times.

“It Will Make You A Boss.”

HEAVEN, SEXY, SWEET AND STAR,  are not just words to describe yourself but are the other slogan clips we have on our website. Honestly, you can be big-headed with these as there is nothing wrong with self-confidence and self-love. And treating yourself counts!


“Self-confidence Is An Essential Item.”


Images from Pinterest Tagwalk Instagram

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