A Guide to London's Best Nail Art

by Ana Carolina

Pheebs Nails, Hackney - @pheebs.nails

West Carolina nails nail art fashion

Based in East London, 'Pheebs' says she can paint almost anything on your nails. The Hackney nail artist specialises in gel nail art manicures

Nail art ranges from £25 to £45

Still London, Dalston- @still____nails

West Carolina nails nail art fashion

The Dalston based salon takes inspiration from the UK and Iceland to create a moment of stillness within the hustle and bustle of London. The wellness brand promotes sustainability with natural products wherever possible. Still offers cruelty free and vegan products.

Nail Art Manicures range from £46-£65.


Shoreditch Nails, Shoreditch and Dalston - @shoreditchnails

West Carolina nails nail art fashion

Shoreditch Nails have two London Salons, one in Shoreditch one in Dalston. The Nail specialists promote healthy, natural nails. The brand are as green as they can be, their balms, scrubs and oils are all  natural and they use vegan cruelty free polishes.

Nail Art ranges from £3-£10 on top of your regular manicure.


Nail'd it, Various locations - @wenaildit

West Carolina nails nail art fashion

Nail’d it have salons throughout London from Clapham to Mayfair to Marylebone. The brand pride themselves on seamless extensions and high quality service

Manicures range from £20-£80


Reecy Roo's, Camberwell - @iamreeceyroo

West Carolina nails nail art fashion

The Camberwell based Nail Salon is known for it’s out-there nail art. Their nails are long and bold.

Bookings are done over the phone. 020 7701 4721


Nuka Nails, Ladbroke Grove - @nuka.nails

West Carolina nails nail art fashion

The ladbroke grove based salon can do anything from a simple manicure to complex nail art. Anouska and Kadimah, the duo who run Nuka Nails, have collaborated with Nike, Depop, Tommy Hilfiger and Links London.

Nail Art ranges from £50 -£150 


Ama, Brixton - @amathesalon

West Carolina nails nail art fashion

Founded by Nail Artist Ama, the namesake salon is in located in Brixton. Ama’s salon offers a ‘free from collection’ which is 90% natural, 10-free, vegan and cruelty free. 

Nail Art ranges from £10-£35.


Words by Daisy Hannam